Computer Literacy Program

Since 1995 we have donated over 30 used computers to schools in the rural schools in Sri Lanka.   Maradankalla School was able to establish its own computer lab as a result of one such donation from the Empower a Village. 

In July 2006 under our computer literacy program two brand new Lenovo computers, flat panel monitors and accessories were provided to Delwagura Maliyadewa Junior School in Sri Lanka.  We are very grateful to Mr. Robert and Barbara Brilliant of Beverly Hills, California for donating the computer equipment. 


This project was coordinated by Deshan Nanayakkara, one of the US coordinators of the Empower a Village.    He personally took these to Sri Lanka and trained the students and the teachers for two weeks on computer literacy. 

           computer          DSC00906-2.jpg    DSC00909-2.jpg    

  computer                           DSC00907-2.jpg                


July 2006 Mihiri at Maradankalla               July 2006 Deshan setting up computers at Delwagura School  

School computer lab