Missaka Preschool




The public Missaka Mihiri Preschool was established at Maradankalla in 1995 and moved to nearby Karadikkulama village in 2005 for better facilities.  There are 18 kids enrolled now and Monira, a young woman from the same village is the teacher. She is doing a fantastic job of teaching them songs, reading stories and learn through play.  Occasionally, the kids get treated to ice cold popsicles or delicious cones of ice cream from an ice cream vendor who rides his bicycle along the gravel road by the school house.   In the summer of 2005 Mihiri took half dozen boxes of toys and kids eyes widened as they held the toys and played with them.   This June, We visited the preschool again with more books and toys, and taught the kids for a few days.  They were really excited to see us!

Here are some pictures of the happy preschoolers!


1995  preschool9.png   

The inaugural class (1995)               

preschool14.jpg  DSCN0151-2.jpg     preschool15.jpg                                    

                                      11 years later!    Look what I got!!                            Charlini, a returning  US volunteer 

 DSC01105.JPG  DSCN0156.jpg  preschool19.jpg  preschool1.jpg

           Mihiri and Charlini teaching the kids


DSC01129.jpg DSC01132.jpg  DSC01122.jpg  DSC01127.jpg  DSC01618.jpg  DSC01619.jpg 

Aren't these kids adorable?    



Monira, the preschool teacher