Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara's Sri Lanka Tsunami Housing Project

Thanks to many caring people, 37 homes were built in Galabodawatta, Hikkaduwa.  

Mihiri raised over $25,000 for Dharma Vijaya's tsunami reconstruction project in Sri Lanka.  She held fundraisers with various schools in Los Angeles, and raised over 2,000 books in bookdrives. Mihiri also began a letter-writing and school supply campaign, in which American children sent cards of support, as well as school supplies to tsunami-affected schoolchildren in Sri Lanka.


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 Initial phase of reconstruction of 37 homes

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Tsunami affected families moved in to their new homes in February 2006.  Some have even started their own businesses from home!  This family converted one of their bedrooms into a small grocery store!           

Working with tsunami-affected children:

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Working with, and delivering school supplies and books to tsunami-affected children                                                                              

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It was fun making paper planes with the kids! 

For more information about Dharma Vijaya's tsunami relief efforts, please click here.